Environmental Responsibilities

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. There are a number of actions we take to minimise our environmental impact including:

  • Any parts that do not meet our high quality standards are granulated back into pellet form to be in other products that permit the inclusion of recycled materials thus eliminating landfill.
  • When changing from one colour to the next we do not simply waste the material during the transition know as purging, we continue to make product and then recycle the material the same as we would sub-standard parts and the material is reused.
  • Studies have been conducted into the use of plastic versus cardboard in the returnable transit case sector and it has been shown that plastic is by far the greener material when energy usage to manufacture the product is taken into account along with the number of times each type of container can be used before needing to be recycled. In less than a year the plastic case is normally not only greener but also more cost effective.

Also the products of ICS Ltd enable the world’s leading aircraft engine manufacturers to design and build their products to be efficient resulting in lower fuel usage.