About Us

Technical Composite Systems (TCS) offers a complete composite manufacturing solution for high quality composite components across a diverse range of industries. We specialise in supplying the international aerospace and defence community by combining engineering experience and material expertise with a customer focused culture. 

Our manufacturing facility – located in south west UK – offers multiple composite manufacturing solutions, depending on the technical and commercial requirements.

We provide engineering guidance and manufacturing solutions bespoke to each and every enquiry. From low volume prototypes through to serial production, our expertise is in working alongside our customers to deliver the defined quality specifications in accordance with time and cost requirements.

We support the following activities;

  • Fundamental design activities,
  • Material selection,
  • Manufacturing process specification,
  • Tooling design and manufacture,
  • Prototype manufacture,
  • Test simulation,
  • Material analysis,
  • Manufacture (low volume through to serial volume),
  • Assembly, bonding, coating, finishing,
  • First article inspection report (FAIR).