Business Principles


Combining knowledge, understanding, skills and values. It’s about more than just being able to perform a specific task; it’s being able to do it correctly, safely, effectively and consistently.


We deliver solutions by working as a team. Communication, transparency and integrity define our internal conduct and our relationships with all customers, partners and shareholders.


We are a dedicated, committed team and accountable for our operations and responsibilities at all levels. Most importantly we are interested, enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.

Part of the CSS group of companies, Technical Composite Systems enjoys the strength of being part of the group yet has the agility to be responsive in the face of changing circumstances. We combine a strong ambition to grow with the determination to succeed and recognise this in collaboration with all customers and stakeholders.

The principal aims of technical composite systems are;  

  • To supply high quality composite components that meet or exceed customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • To define and deliver a competence based manufacturing methodology for all tooling and composite components manufactured in the business.
  • To employ modern business practices that support and encourage an agile, swift response to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
  • To implement our business principles and values so that we grow through perpetual investment in quality people and technology.
  • To collaborate with our customers and forge partnerships based on trust and mutual respect.