New XYZ UMC-5x 5-axis machining centre

The CSS Group has taken delivery of a  new XYZ 5-axis machining centre to further expand our manufacturing capabilities services. Utilising a 600 mm rotary trunnion table with a maximum weight capacity of 600 kg, Technical Composite Systems will use the new UMC-5x Machine to manufacture complex tooling, fixtures and Interchangeability (ICY) Jigs.

“Our in-house 5-axis machining capability gives the company full control over critical machining processes for tooling and components, reducing risk (and also cost) to our customers. The new machine enables TCS to trim and machine complex composite surfaces including machining complex features normal to a 3D curved surface – present in many aerospace composite components.” Comments TCS Managing Director Mike Sloan.

The UMC-5x is a high quality machine designed and built to machine tooling aluminium and steel alloys. Coupled with laser tool alignment and kinematic set-up for both rotary axis, we are able to offer a very high level of accuracy.

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